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We invite you to share in our joy of educating outstanding children. We are honored to share what a few of our students’ parents have to say about us.

-Carol Goedken

"I am a die-hard ECS advocate. ECS was such a great fit for my daughters. It is simply a special place! I can honestly say that ECS has made a significant impact on both of my girls’ lives. With solid academics to a wonderful group of friends to great extracurricular activities, middle school has actually been a joy! The school is just has such a positive atmosphere!”

-Lisa & Michael Frucht

“Transferring to a new school in 6th grade caused a lot of worries for us. However, the Edgewood community did a great job easing our fears. A lot of time and effort was made to help the new kids feel included. Participating in the spring new student day, summer get-togethers, field trips, and participating in sports, Science Olympiad, and band created opportunities for new friendships to form.”

-Lisa M. Fromm, Ph.D.

“We have four children who have attended Edgewood Campus School. It is the best financial investment we ever made. Our children have had strong reinforcement of the values we teach them at home and have come to expect kindness and honesty from others. Our oldest daughter said on her college application, ‘ECS is a place where people don’t just tell you how you should act but are models for the best way to behave…where people are sincere and care about you as a whole person.’”

-Maria Cannarella

“Edgewood is a wonderful base for the high school years. The values, expectations, and involvement that are expected from each child help students remain confident and comfortable in the environment.”

-Jeff & Tami Bosco

“It has lifted his self-esteem and fostered a greater sense of independence. The camaraderie in the class provides a safe environment for him to make mistakes.”

-Lisa Marshall

“We couldn’t be happier with the Edgewood middle school. We are pleased with the curriculum and the opportunities for students to do advanced work. We know we made the right decision choosing Edgewood for our daughter.”

-Kevin & Dana Cassidy

“We were looking for a school that was academically strong and driven by values—Edgewood Campus School has both. We also appreciate the open communication between parents and teachers and administration.”