Edgewood Campus School
Edgewood Campus School
Edgewood students displaying various academic activities

Primary Unit

Edgewood Campus School offers the young primary student in first and second grade an introduction to the excitement and thrill of learning new things. We teach the children as they experience working, learning, praying, and playing as a community. We emphasize respect for oneself, others, and the environment, as we instruct our students in the core and special subject areas.


Using a wide variety of tools, our teachers guide students to make sense of mathematics by developing a deep, conceptual understanding. Students master the knowledge necessary for conceptual application to real problems and related subject matter. Our students explore mathematical processes, number operations and relationships, geometry, measurement, and statistics and probability. We introduce our students to algebraic relationships in grade one and continue instruction of that concept through the grades.


Edgewood Campus School, Edgewood High School, and Edgewood College faculty collaborate in planning and implementing the science curriculum. Our vision is that science is a way to investigate, celebrate, and care for God's creation. Our teachers seek to instill a respect for the complexity and interdependence of the ecological systems of which humanity is a part and to increase the awareness of responsible stewardship toward the earth. Some of the areas of study include the solar system, systems of the body, leaves and plants, life cycles, simple machines, balance and motion, matter, air and weather, geology, and insects.

Language Arts

Our language arts curriculum focuses on phonics, vocabulary development, sharing information and knowledge through the written word and exploration of literature. We use a balanced literacy approach where students read progressively more challenging fiction and non-fiction materials. We teach our students to write clearly and effectively, to share information and knowledge, to influence and persuade, and to create and entertain. Students gain the experience of gathering their ideas and presenting them in front of a group.

Social Studies

Our social studies curriculum includes an introduction to geography, history, political science and citizenship, economics, and behavioral science. Lessons include studies of neighborhoods, cities/towns, states, countries and continents, location terms, simple map and globe skills, famous historic Americans, symbols of the USA, an appreciation and respect for diversity, the role of money in everyday life, goods and services, producers and consumers, timelines, and good citizenship. Our students also learn the how reducing, reusing, and recycling contributes to society.


Our primary unit religious experience includes attendance at liturgy, daily prayer, an introduction to the Bible, the Ten Commandments, forgiveness, service to others, and the two great commandments: love for God and neighbor. Students in grade two study the Catholic sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist, and they re-enact the Nativity at the Christmas liturgy. Central to the curriculum are the five Sinsinawa Dominican educational values of truth, compassion, justice, community, and partnership.