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Lunch Program

Edgewood Campus School has a hot lunch program that is available to all students every full day of school. There is no lunch served when school dismisses at 11:30 a.m. Each day, we appreciate the help of parent volunteers to serve food.

Our lunch program includes fresh vegetables and fruit each day. Every Monday we serve choices of sub sandwiches (including a veggie selection) and this includes additional topping selections, pickles, fresh vegetables, and fruit. Each Thursday, we serve a variety of pizzas (including cheese pizza) along with a fresh green salad and fruit.

The menus on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday feature a main entrée as well as a fresh vegetable and a fresh fruit. On these days, students also have the option to choose salad bar and soup instead of the featured main entrée. We serve sweet snacks two days per week and include ice cream or a baked good. With our commitment to being a green school, we use biodegradable plates and containers.

We will post lunch menus on this website, in weekly EdgeMail electronic newsletters, and in Teacherease.

Students order their lunch each morning, and we base our food preparation on this morning count. Each student/family has a Teacherease debit lunch account. Parents are responsible for maintaining a positive balance in their child(ren)’s lunch account. E-mail notices go out each Friday when accounts drop below the $25 threshold.

We are committed to offering a fresh, balanced, yummy lunch every day. Students can, of course, bring a lunch prepared at home as well.