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We have compiled a list of questions that parents ask most. We hope you’ll find the information you need to answer your questions within the pages of our website. Of course, we are always here to help, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you don’t find your answers here.

How do I drop off and pick up my child(ren) before and after school?

As a courtesy to others, we ask that you review and abide by our drop off and pick up procedures found in the Parent Quick Links on the Home page. Please pick up and drop off students in K4 through 5th grades from the circle in front of the Campus School doors. Drop off and pick up middle school students only at the high school entrance where they enter through the cafeteria doors. Here are a few important things we ask you to keep in mind:

  • We request that parents pull up to the very front of the circle, even if no one is behind you.
  • We request that you do not get out of your car. If you need to visit campus, please park instead.
  • For safety reasons, we require that children exit and enter vehicles on the right side.
  • We respectfully request that you do not block intersections, and that you “take turns” allowing parents to turn left from Monroe Street as you leave.
  • Don’t forget to post your 8.5” x 11” sign in the front window during pick up, so we can announce your arrival to your child(ren).
  • Take advantage of and enjoy some of your “wait time” with a book, check your email, or just relax and enjoy a few more minutes of peace and quiet!

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Is there a dress code at Edgewood Campus School?

We expect all students of Edgewood Campus School to dress so their clothing enhances the educational environment of our school and reflects the importance of the learning climate. There are many positive reasons for a school dress code, including:

  • A dress code encourages students to express their individuality to personality and academic achievements, not outward appearances.
  • A dress code puts the focus on academics, not fashion.
  • Dress codes can be less expensive.
  • Dress codes eliminate the visible differences between children.
  • Dress codes eliminate pressure to wear brand name clothing and minimize closing competition.
  • Dress codes create a sense of school pride and belonging.

Dress Code Violations

If a student is in violation of the student dress code policy, the student is first asked to correct their attire immediately. We have supplementary clothing available through the administration. For middle school students, repeated offenses of the dress code will result in a written violation. Teachers may ask for administrative assistance with this. If a student is persistent in dress code violations, the teacher will notify the parent or guardian in writing, phone, or personal contact of the specific infractions. If appropriate dress clothing is not worn on liturgy days, the teacher reserves the right to have the student call for proper attire. Students in grades 6 through 8 automatically receive a violation if they come to school without the appropriate dress.

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Is my child allowed to have a cell phone or other electronic device on campus?

We require that students keep all cell phones, cameras, iPods, MP3 players, CD players, hand-held games, or electronics of any kind in their locker (grades 6-8), or that they turn it in to the teacher for safe-keeping (grades K4-5). This policy is in effect during school hours, including time spent in afterschool care. We allow students to use the classroom phone with teacher permission or to come to the office to use the phone at any time if a phone call is necessary.

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How will I be notified if school has been canceled or delayed due to inclement weather conditions?

We will notify families by phone via the School Reach program when morning weather conditions are such that the school might be closed. If Madison Public Schools are closed, Edgewood Campus School will also be closed. If Edgewood High School closes due to unsafe driving conditions, Edgewood Campus School will also close. We advise parents to use their own discretion in sending, or not sending, their child(ren), even if the school is open for the day. If severe weather conditions develop during the day, please listen to the radio and television for school closings of public and private schools. In the event that we are forced to close the school, please note the following, and be sure your child knows in advance where to go:

  • We will dismiss children who walk home; 
  • We require you to pick up your children who are dependent upon parent transportation as soon as possible.

Tune in to these radio and television stations for broadcast messages regarding school closings and delays:

  • Television via Channel 3, Channel 15, or Channel 27
  • Radio via WOLX 94.9, Z104, WIBA (1310AM)

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Will my child have to make up work if we need to schedule a family vacation while school is normally in session?

Although vacation may be an educational experience, we urge families to plan family vacations around the school calendar during school vacation times. However, we recognize that this is not always possible. In such instances, we require families to provide a written request to the principal in advance of an absence from school for a family vacation. Teachers are not required to give special lessons for the student to complete during the vacation, and missed classroom assignments are required to be completed at the discretion of the teacher.

 We recommend reading library books and working on math review if you would like your children to do some school work while on vacation. We encourage the students to keep a journal of their experiences or complete a special report, project, or memorable collection directly connected with the trip.

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I would like to accompany my child’s class on a field trip or volunteer in his/her classroom. Am I required to take the Virtus course for a one-time event?

Yes. The Madison Diocesan policy requires that all school volunteers, faculty, and school staff members take training in “Protecting God’s Children” before working with students. We require all adults who work with students to have both a background check and to participate in this program. For more information, please visit Virtus online.

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My child is ill and should stay home from school. What is the policy for notifying the school and collecting his/her make-up work?

Please contact the office by 8:30 a.m. to report your child’s absence or tardiness. If you reach our voice mail, please leave your child’s name, grade, and the reason for the absence.

We allow parents of middle school students to request the assignments of the day for students who are absent. Please call the office by 8:30 a.m. We are not able to honor calls received after this time, as our teachers have limited time during the day to prepare assignments. You may pick up your child’s assignments and books outside of the assistant principal’s office by 2:45 p.m., or you may request that we send them home with a sibling or student living close by. Intermediate grade students may receive assignments from classmates or wait until their return. Primary students will receive assignments and instructions when they return to school.

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My child must take medication during the school day. What is the protocol for setting this up?

We require that we have the medical authorization form, the provider authorization form, and the asthma inhaler administration form, as applicable, on file for those students who need to take medication during the day. Please find these forms in the Forms Library.

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I have questions and concerns about my child’s progress or about programs he/she participates in. Who do I contact?

We know that parents/guardians may have questions or concerns and be unsure as to whom they should contact at Edgewood Campus School. While everyone at Edgewood Campus School is willing to be of service to you, the following guidelines may be helpful. If after making the initial contact you feel you would like more clarification or discussion, please contact the next person listed. Of course, you may contact our principal when necessary.


Grades 4K-5 - Academic Progress, Grading Questions, Discipline
1st Contact: Teacher
2nd Contact: President/Principal

Grades 6-8 - Academic Progress, Grading Questions, Discipline
1st Contact: Teacher
2nd Contact: Assistant Principal

Grades 6-8 - Course Selection/Scheduling
1st Contact: Assistant Principal

1st Contact: Homeroom Teacher or School Counselor
2nd Contact: Assistant Principal

1st Contact: Athletics Director

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