Edgewood Campus School
Edgewood Campus School
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Students in grade 6-8 will be issued a school-owned Chromebook at the beginning of the year for their use through the school year. Cell phones will be collected at the beginning of the day in homerooms from 7:50 a.m.-7:55 a.m. and stored in a safe location. They will be picked up after the last module of the day in homerooms from 2:40 p.m.- 2:45 p.m. No other personal electronics are allowed at school. 

If a student in grade pre-k through 5th grade has personal electronics in school, it should be turned in to the homeroom teacher for safekeeping during the school day. If phone use is necessary, every classroom has a phone that may be used with teacher permission, or a student may come to the office to use the phone at any time. 

If the teachers on long bus trips allow technology use, appropriate use will follow the technology and general school conduct expectations. Every year, each student is expected to sign a technology use agreement. Compliance is expected. Permission to take photographs or video at school or during school activities must be obtained from school administration or staff.