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We encourage participation in our sports program to learn the fundamental rules and skills of each sport and to experience working together as a team. Learning cooperation, not competition, is our focus. The emphasis is on playing the game for fun and experience as well as learning the difficult task of winning and losing with grace. We teach our athletes that principles of Christian sportsmanship should prevail at all times.

The goals of our athletics program are:

1. To enrich the students’ experiences through pride in representing their school
2. To build teamwork
3. To promote good sportsmanship
4. To develop positive self-esteem

Edgewood Campus school is a member of the Madison Area Independent Sports League (MAISL), competing with other local Catholic and independent schools.


Basketball is open to boys and girls in grades five through eight. Practices are generally in the Edgedome after school until 4:00 p.m., or later in the evening at a local church or gym twice a week. Practice begins in mid-November, and the competitive season continues through March. Games are on Saturdays and Sundays.


Softball is fielded by fifth through eighth grade girls. Practice begins in April with games played after school and on weekends during May.

Track and Field

Track and field is open to boys and girls in the fourth through eighth grades. Beginning in late March or early April, we hold once-a-week practices after school at the Edgewood High School track. Students participate in the Edgewood Invitational meet in May.


This sport is open to girls and boys in fifth through eighth grades. We typically hold practices after school until 4:00 p.m. two days per week at the Edgedome. The girls volleyball season runs from September through October. The boys volleyball season runs from mid-April through May. Most games are played on Saturdays and Sundays. 

Edgewood will make a best effort to create teams for each of the sports listed above, however, there is no guarantee we will form a team for a given grade level. We encourage parents to network and help generate players for sports their children are interested in playing to ensure we form a team at their child's grade level.

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