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There is a lot going on here at Edgewood Campus School, and we want you to know all about it. In case you feel you missed something, we will place our archived news articles here so you can catch up on the latest information and events.

If you would like to learn more about these positions, please email Alex Wood.

Lake Wingra Canoe Outing

Edgewood Campus School fifth graders joined Edgewood College students for a canoe outing on Lake Wingra. Together, the group made observations about the plants and animals on the lake and on the land around the Edgewood campus. These Campus School and College scientists will be researching endangered and invasive species. The goal is to do good work for our environment. 

This partnership between ECS and the Edgewood College science methods class will continue throughout the school year. The program is a place-based collaboration between Heidi Pankratz, ECS fifth grade teacher, and Sara Manders, Edgewood College instructor.

Edgewood Campus Schools Wins NICE 2016 Award

Edgewood Campus Schools Wins NICE 2016 AwardToday’s Catholic Teacher magazine annually honors Catholic elementary and secondary schools that have led the way by implementing exemplary, innovative programs to improve teaching and learning of their students, faculty, and staff. Awards are issued in four categories: an innovative project in promoting Catholic identity, an innovative project facilitated by technology, an innovative project in total community involvement, and an innovative project in curriculum and instruction.

In March it was announced that Edgewood Campus School (ECS) was being honored for an innovative project facilitated by technology. The story is featured in the March 2016 issue of Today’s Catholic Teacher. Twelve schools, three from each category, were selected to be featured in the hope that their stories will inspire even more educators to open their classrooms and imaginations to new teaching and learning possibilities. 

Students at ECS work on solving real-world problems and making worldwide connections through its use of technology. They learn the technical, artistic, social, and linguistic skills surrounding game design; they design apps for smart phones; and they participate with global teams to share research and create an action project. The school’s latest and boldest tech endeavor is pioneering Level Up Village (LUV) to offer global STEAM Courses in 3D printing and video game design. In LUV courses students collaborate one-on-one with partner students in a developing country via video message exchange. In this take a class, give a class model students learn that although their resources and environments are very different they still have some things in common.

Innovations in Catholic Education (ICE) awards were presented in San Diego, California on March 30, 2016. One school in each category won a grand prize and took home a check for $1,000. ECS received the grand prize of $1,000 in the innovative project facilitated by technology category. Koresh said “Teaching at ECS  has been a blessing because I have been encouraged  to do cutting edge projects. I feel blessed because my latest projects have been successful for my students, my co-teachers, and the students in developing countries.”

Special thanks to Today’s Catholic Teacher for coordinating the award and to the sponsors; World’s Finest Chocolate, TOEFEL, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, and Twenty Third Publications,  for their support of this awards program and for the support they consistently offer to Catholic education.

Five Coding Teams at Edgewood Prepare to Enter National Competitions

Computer programming languages used in developing web pages and mobile apps may be the most important second, third, or fourth language your child will ever learn. According to a growing number of experts, learning computer science will not only pave the way for future employment prospects but accelerate the U.S. economic recovery as well.

The National focus aimed at helping our students to prepare for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) careers has brought many opportunities to the students at Edgewood Campus School. Five teams of students at Edgewood Campus School are preparing entries for national coding contests. Students are doing these projects during study hall and after school. Each team has a mentor who is an IT professional. Edgewood Campus School has a team of five girls in sixth through eighth grades designing a mobile app for the Technovation Challenge. There are also two teams of boys in eighth grade designing a game for the National STEM Video Game Challenge, and two teams of girls in seventh grade designing a mobile app for the Project CS Girls Competition.

We encourage you to take a moment to read more about these competitions and how our students are preparing for them.

Fifth Graders at Paper-Making Workshop

Paper MakingFifth grade teacher, Mrs. Heidi Pankratz, and art teacher, Mrs. Ruth Vander Horck, took the fifth grade class to the Edgewood College Art Department for a paper-making workshop. Paper-making artist, Robert Possehl, and professor of art therapy, Janice Havlena, along with art therapy students, worked with Campus School students making handmade paper journals as well as sheets of handmade paper with mound images. ECS students brought a cotton T-shirt. This fabric was beaten to a pulp with a Hollander beater. Students then pulled frames and deckles into vats of cotton and couched the paper, and later watched the water removed by a press.

Girls Volleyball Teams Tie for the Championship!

Girls Volleyball Teams Tie for ChampionshipEdgewood Campus School was able to field two 7th grade girls volleyball teams this fall because of very high interest. The two teams tied for the league championship during the regular season, each with records of 13 - 1. As a result, they played each other in the end-of-season tournament to determine the league champion.

At the tournament, the teams had their pre-game talks as one large group and then split to play against each other. They cheered together throughout the match. In the end, the ECS Gold team and the ECS Maroon team became MAISL Girls Volleyball League Co-Champions!

The referee said that in the 16 years he has worked for MAISL, he has never seen a school have two teams tie for the championship!

Congratulations Sr. Kathleen Malone, O.P.

Congratulations Sr. Kathleen MaloneOn November 13, Sister Kathleen Malone, O.P., Edgewood Campus School's president/principal, received the Faith in Action Leadership Award from Catholic Charities, Diocese of Madison. The leadership award honors Catholics in the community who consistently incorporate Catholic values in their leadership and enrich the lives of many. They work to fill a need in the community, lead through example in the service of others, and take action for a better future.

When asked how she personally put her "faith in action", Sister Kathleen commented:

"In some ways, putting my faith in action is easier for me as a Sinsinawa Dominican than it is for a lay-person. Living in community for many years, I witnessed Sisters with tremendous faith overcoming obstacles beyond understanding, but yet remaining faithful and unwavering. Jan Okas, school secretary, Sally Drea, Admissions Director, Diana Albrecht, 5K teacher, Sr. Kathleen Malone, O.P., Margaret Nkemnji, Guidance Counselor and Joyce Wodka, Business Manager. 

Congratulations Sr. Kathleen MaloneTeaching in Catholic schools also put me in environments where sharing of faith and values is an every day occurrence. Teachers and students who give their gifts and talents in praise of God and creation can't help but make you faith-filled and awe-inspired. So, all of my adult life, I have been fortunate. During the times I may have Jan Okas, school secretary, Sally Drea, Admissions Director, Diana Albrecht, 5K teacher, Sr. Kathleen Malone, O.P., Margaret Nkemnji, Guidance Counselor and Joyce Wodka, Business Manager. doubted, if I just let go and left it with God, the answer came. I have been where I was supposed to be; and I have been lucky to be doing what I was supposed to do. What greater assurance than that does one need to see God's hand in your life and be eager to share your faith?Witnessing others in faith, being present in the moment, and enjoying the little things in life are why I love education so much. Seeing the little four-year-olds interact with teachers and older students, sharing love and trusting...trusting God and each other. To me that is 'putting faith in action.'"

Edgewood's K-16 Science Initiative in Action!

Edgewood Science Initiative in ActionSixth grade science students teach Edgewood College students how to use new Geology app.

Edgewood Campus School 6th graders and Edgewood College students recently got together to share information and resources as part of our unique K-16 Science Initiative. They collaborated in an introductory Geology class. Sixth graders are studying earth science and have been introduced to an app on their i-Pads called EarthViewer, which is an interactive tool, created with funding from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI), for exploring the science of earth's deep history. Observers can see the continents grow and shift as they scroll through billions of years. Data on oxygen and carbon dioxide concentrations, day length, biodiversity, and more can be layered upon the dynamic earth maps. Armed with their i-Pads and knowledge of the new app, 6th graders joined the college students who are studying the possible causes for mass extinctions throughout earth's history. They worked together, one-on-one, to find answers to some very difficult questions. The conversation was lively as the teams shared ideas, knowledge, resources, and of course, generated more questions.

DAR Essay Winners

DAR Essay WinnersCongratulations to Sarah Wells and Ava DeCroix! Sarah and Ava each won their grade levels for the Daughters of the American Revolution essay contest this year. The John Bell Chapter of the DAR presented the awards at the Maple Bluff Country Club, which hosted the ceremony.

The girls each wrote a 600-1000 word essay entitled, "A Child's Journey through Ellis Island." They had to imagine themselves as a child traveling through Ellis Island in 1892 and describe their experience to their cousin who has never heard of Ellis Island.

All students who participated had to research the topic and then write it as though they were living it or retelling it through letters. A bibliography was required.

Both Sarah and Ava wrote outstanding essays and we are so proud of them.