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We’ll share news featuring the accomplishments of our students and staff, and we’ll post important announcements and information here. Book mark this page so you’ll always be in-the-know!

Letters for Our Veterans

Since 2010, Edgewood Campus School’s fourth grade students have written letters and cards to the veterans participating in the Badger Honor Flight, a regional affiliate of the national Honor Flight Network, thanking them for their service. During mail call on the flight home, the veterans receive these letters and cards, along with notes from family members and friends. This program ensures that veterans of WWII, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War get to travel to Washington D.C. to see the memorials dedicated in their honor. Thank you to the fourth grade for making such an incredible impact in our veteran’s lives.

Love All, Serve All

Serving others is at the heart of what we do here at Edgewood Campus School. This year, our school theme is Love All, Serve All. We will be talking about the various ways that we can give our time and energy to help others in our family, our school, the Madison community, and globally, and then will put those ideas into practice. Very soon, we will share some of the exciting plans we have to Love All, Serve All this school year.

Love all, Serve all.

Edgewood in the Community

We are so proud of our eighth-grade Class of 2018! They participated with Edgewood High School in their Edgewood in the Community day of service. After a prayer service, students boarded two dozen buses, which took them to randomly assigned locations. Students worked in groups that included members of all grades, a faculty/staff leader, and sometimes a parent volunteer. Students served meals, harvested pantry vegetables, tutored children, cleaned community centers, and spent time with seniors all throughout the Madison area. Great work Class of 2018!

Fifth Grade Science Trip to Lake Wingra

Along with our Edgewood College partners from the science methods class, the fifth grade enjoyed a canoeing field trip on Lake Wingra. They learned about the importance of observational skill in science, the difference between quantitative and qualitative observations, and how subjective and objective observations differ. The partnership with the Edgewood College science methods class continues throughout the school year. We look forward to all that we will learn together!

Trip to the McKenzie Center

Our 7th grade class recently spent the day at the McKenzie Center in Poynette, WI. The center has interpretive trails, exhibits, museums, and other interesting programming available for school and youth groups. Community and team building was the focus of this day for the students.

Forest Hill Cemetery Tour

Our 5th graders recently took the Wisconsin Veterans Museum's 19th Annual Talking Spirits Cemetery tour at Forest Hill Cemetery. They "met" Civil War heroes who were soldiers with the 2nd Wisconsin, a teacher who became a nurse during the war, and the chaplain who is responsible for Soldier's Lot at Forest Hill Cemetery.