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Co-Curricular Activities

At Edgewood Campus School we believe that co-curricular activities are central to developing confidence and educating the whole child. We encourage our students to participate and explore all opportunities that interest them. Gifts and talents that lie hidden in the core academic areas often flourish in co-curricular activities. These are opportunities to engage in kinesthetic learning, to discover practical applications of intellectual knowledge, and to improve personal, social, and physical skills.


We offer a wonderful band program to students beginning in grade 4. This elective program is brought to us by Overture Band Programs, Inc. Our program offers:

  • Individualized instruction through small group lessons
  • Weekly group band rehearsals
  • Positive learning environment
  • Comprehensive curriculum
  • Detailed progress reports two times per year
  • Two concerts per year
  • Festivals and solo/ensemble contests for advanced students

Advanced musicians may be selected for the Overture Band Program Honor Band. The founders of Overture have over 30 years of combined experience teaching band in private and parochial schools in WI. All instructors are state-certified, experienced professionals. The cost of this program is billed directly from the Overture Band Program and is not included in the ECS tuition fees.


Choir is an elective class ECS offers to students in grades six through eight. Choir offers the opportunity to learn advanced music skills in a group setting. Choral students learn the basics of ensemble musicianship and music reading in two and three parts as well as appreciation for the music of different periods and cultures. In addition to performing at school and in the community throughout the school year, our choir takes a leadership role in all-school liturgies.

Global Inventors

Students in fourth or fifth grade can participate in our Global Inventors course. In this after-school class they learn about 3D printing and how to use Computer Aided Design (CAD) software to create and print designs. Students exchange video messages with a partner student who lives in a developing country. Together these student teams identify and learn about a global issue, and then collaboratively design, print, and test inventions to help solve that issue. Participants learn the engineering design process and basic electrical engineering, while also learning about their partner student and that student’s country.

Global Video Game Designers

Programming and video game design is offered to students in fourth or fifth grade. Students create games using a video camera sensor and their own drawings. They learn “Scratch” and how to remix what others have done and how to hack. Along with a student partner in a developing country, participants learn literacy, math, logic, presentation skills, and global citizenship.

Leadership Council

The Campus School Leadership Council is an elected board of two student representatives from the fourth through eighth grades. They are responsible for keeping communication lines open with the student body and are the voice for ECS students. Students, teachers, and administrators make suggestions together to help improve our school. Their mission is to lead all students in service, social, and personal growth.

Students participate in fundraisers for various charities and for school improvements. They also are active in Earth Day; Make a Difference Day; and events that help serve the school, city, country, and world communities. Our leadership council started our paper recycling program; helped fund new drinking fountains, gym equipment, and books for the library; and promoted a juice machine outside of the lunchroom.

Our leadership council heads the Spirit Day celebration held during Catholic Schools Week–the most anticipated week of the year! The council students plan and organize games, skits, cheer contests, and a pep rally. The event culminates with the very popular faculty vs. 8th grade volleyball games.

Safety Patrol

Our safety patrol crew consists of fourth and fifth grade students. Every morning before the school day begins, our crew is responsible for monitoring the safety of students outside the Campus School as well as the kindergarteners on the benches outside their classroom. Participants must arrive at school at 7:40 a.m. on the days they are on duty.

Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad is one of the premier science competitions in the nation, providing rigorous, standards-based challenges to more than 7,300 teams in 50 states. Science Olympiad's ever-changing line-up of events in all STEM disciplines exposes students to practicing scientists and career choices, and energizes classroom teachers with a dynamic content experience. At Edgewood, we field a team for students in grades 6-8. During the year, students work to master three to four STEM challenge areas, then compete in events built around those challenge areas at the regional and state levels. This group provides students with a terrific opportunity to drill deep into an area of passion and fascination in all areas of science and engineering.

Science Olympiad Jr.

Science Olympiad Jr. is an after-school science and engineering club for students in grades four and five. Each week we investigate, experiment, design, build, and test. Some semesters we concentrate on a theme (such as rockets) and other semesters we try something new each week. Our goal is to give participants fun, interesting, intriguing, challenging, and motivating experiences with science and engineering. Together we learn, create, and share. Edgewood College Elementary Education majors work with Edgewood’s K-16 Science Director to plan and conduct the weekly activities.


Students in seventh and eighth grade have the opportunity to produce and perform a musical each spring. This experience is part of the music curriculum. Along with choral and dance performance opportunities, students may also elect to participate in set-making, costume design, and stage crew. Being involved in a musical is a wonderful opportunity to work together and support each other as students demonstrate their individual gifts, talents, and abilities.


The yearbook staff is comprised of eighth grade students interested in graphic design and lay out. The advisor to this group is the art teacher. The yearbook features a collection of student class photos, candid shots, and photos of activities, clubs, and special events, as well as collages of school memories. Student artwork is used for the cover.